ReadBug – Another iStarter success story

On Thursday 27 August Readbug opened their office to investors and supporters, giving those involved a chance to meet the team and see where the magic happens.

The magazine app has been live for three months and has welcomed over 50 independent publishers, peaking at number 66 in the US App Store chart. With a polished looking product the team are […]

Andrea Caputo scelto dal CDA per far parte di iStarter

Un altra grande win per il team di equity partners di iStarter: Andrea Caputo è stato accettato dal CDA per entrare a far parte della nostra squadra!

Con una carriera passata quasi totalmente nel digital, Andrea ha creato prodotti digital in diverse industrie, l’ultima delle quali è il crescente e affascinante mondo dell’e-learning.

Andrea ha studiato sia a “La Sapienza” con un MSc […]

Francesco Rubinacci entra in iStarter “Trovo stimolante il contatto con gli imprenditori di domani”

Francesco Rubinacci entra a far parte del team di equity partners di iStarter. La sua esperienza in consulenza aziendale portera’ grandissimo valore ad iStarter che sara’ in grado di offrire una spalla in piu’ alle sue start up.

Procurement Director di Indesit, Francesco ha passato 7 anni nell’azienda di Fabriano e 7 anni in Accenture e si e’ distinto tra gli studenti dell’Universita’ […]

iStarter’s Bidtotrip flies to Silicon Valley

Things evolve constantly here at iStarter. And so do our startups!

We are very excited to announce that Bidtotrip has been the only Italian startup selected by to take part to Connect 2015 a two weeks program in Silicon Valley.

We immediately spotted Bidtrotrip’s potential and we are extremely happy of this validation coming from one of the world best mentorship […]

Evento iStarter a Milano. Il 7 Luglio in Piazza Duomo.

L’evento iStarter a Milano: “Voglia di innovazione: l’arte di vivere.”
iStarter e lo Studio Legale CRC Lex sono fieri di presentare “Voglia di innovazione: l’arte di vivere”, evento che si terrà martedì 7 luglio a Milano a partire dalle ore 19:00.

Arte, letteratura, viaggio e salute saranno i temi principali della serata e prenderanno vita grazie a 4 startup iStarter: Kooness, Peopletrip, 12hoursbook e Thatmorning.  […]

Start a company, the reason why

This morning I was reading an article on by Eric V. Holtzclaw: “Why’d You Start a company?  3 End Goals”. 
The blogger is the CEO and founder of User Insight, a user experience strategy and consulting firm that advises brands on the development of customer-centric products, services, marketing messages, and experiences.

In the article he recommends “Before you do anything else, […]

Big Data can influence decisions in business?

What decisions could you make if you had all the information you need?
Considerations on the new trend toward information provided by Big Data in private and public business sectors

Saying that “data driven decisions are better decisions” surely sounds to you like a trivial sentence.

Nowadays, considering that Big Data have rocketed to the top of the corporate agenda and are attracting serious investment […]

Run your own business. Get the right people on the bus.

Jim Collins is the author of the best-selling business books addressing this simple but vexing question: Why do some companies become great while others flounder? On the book “Good to Great” I first read about the Bus Theory. If you run your own business this is an article you should definitely read.

In the metaphor, CEOs are bus drivers. The bus is the business and […]

Troy Carter: Building the Gaga Brand

One of our fears today is that they are found so quickly, they explode so fast, but then: do they disappear very quickly?

Talk about the longevity of an artist’s career. One of our fears today is that they are found so quickly, they explode so fast, but then: do they disappear very quickly?

Very good question, because there’s something very specific […]

iStarter-The Social Network: “he’s wired in.” HAPPY HOLIDAYS

 iStarter blog – The Social Network  

Sean) I’m Sean Parker.
Andrew) [he does not talk but nods “no” keeping the focus on coding] Mark) Oh, he’s wired in.
Sean) That’s what I’m talking about!

FB early employerA) That’s the doorbell.

Mark) I didn’t know we had a doorbell.

FB early employerA) Andrew, get the door!

Mark) No, he’ wired in!

FB early employerB) That’s gonna cut into your security deposit.

Mark) Andrew?!

Andrew) Not now.

Mark) Good boy!

[Sean […]