About Made in Italy

What is Made in Italy

Conceived as a single event in 2016, Made in Italy has become a world tour. The first edition began at the London Stock Exchange. Following London and Beijing in 2017, iStarter closes its first world tour in february 2018 in New York where, at the Grand Central Tech, pole of excellence of the Big Apple’s technological and innovative sector, a group of selected Italian startups has presented their projects in front of an audience of sought-after international and American investors. The second word tour comes almost to a fantastic end! We have seen a great III London edition at the Academy of Arts, a welcoming NYC Second Edition in April and a second Chinese edition that will be held in Shanghai in June.


Friday 14 June 2019
The Lansdowne Club Mayfair (Shelburne Meeting Room, 3rd floor),
Thursday 21 March 2019
The Lansdowne Club,
Wednesday 20 February 2019
SAP Next-Gen Lab New York,
Thursday 04 April 2019
The Lansdowne Club - Mayfair,
Wednesday 23 January 2019
Saturday 01 December 2018
Monday 05 November 2018
Digital Mill S.r.l. (a DOING company),
Saturday 26 May 2018
Grand Tech Central,
Monday 26 February 2018
Clubhouse Brera,
Saturday 02 December 2017
Italian Embassy in Beijing,
Monday 30 October 2017
The Boston Consulting Group,
Wednesday 17 May 2017
Institution of Civil Engineers ,
Monday 10 April 2017
BCG in Italia,
Saturday 03 December 2016
Wednesday 09 March 2016