Industry: Technology, Media, Telecom, Retailing, Internet business, E-Commerce

Reference Market: IT

Inflow: MI2020 NewYork2018, MI2020 London2018


Key person infos

Nome Cognome: Federico Solinas

Ruolo: Founder & CEO



Bidoo is an online auctions website.

Bidoo is a website offering to it’s costumer 4 different kinds of auctions:

Before participating in any auction the users must register and buy a bid pack, every bid cost approximately 0,70$.

1. Direct Auctions: In this auctions the users place bids on the products they want to buy. Each auction has a countdown starting at 5.00 when the counter reaches 0.00 the last user to bid wins the auction and the product. But, if any user bids when the time left is 15 seconds or less the time increases by 15 more seconds allowing more users to participate.

This kind of auction is very different from eBay, because in eBay the user that pays the most is the one who wins the auction. In Bidoo the winner is the last one to bid.

2. Reverse Auctions: In this auctions the user places a bid for one amount, for example 1,22$ if that amount is the lowest and unique at the end of the auction that user wins. If there are more bids for the same amount or another bid lower and unique is that user the one who wins.