Industry: Digital Devices, Social Network, Marketing & Sales

Reference Market: FR, IT, US, SE, SZ, UK

Inflow: MI2020 London2016, MI2020 NewYork2019

Total capital raised so far: €11M


Key person infos

Nome Cognome: Fabrizio Perrone

Ruolo: CEO


Phone: +3908119316300


Buzzoole is the Influencer Marketing Platform.

It allows brands to integrate key influencers into their digital and social communications in a fully automated, transparent and ROI-driven approach. Our technology analyses online conversations of all registered users across each of their social media channels.

Through a semantic model, Buzzoole is able to categorise conversations and to identify the topics that users are most influential in, according to its own algorithm. This allows brands to reach out to specific influencers in their niche market in a completely automated way. Buzzoole’s business model is a CPP mode. Brands pay on the basis of posts generated by the influencers. This Cost-Per-Post model allows us to offer all sizes solutions. From startups to top brands. Working with Buzzoole can save companies up to 70% compared with cooperating with external agencies, which is usually a lengthier, more complicated and more expensive process.