Industry: Mobile business, Apps, Technology, Media, Telecom

Reference Market: IT

Inflow: MI2020 NewYork2019

Total capital raised so far: $180K


Key person infos

Nome Cognome: Giovanni Fantasia

Ruolo: CEO


Mobile lifestyle planner powered by Artificial Intelligence

Eezy’s mission: transform social media addicted young people and schedule plagued professionals into active fun seekers. Do more, experience more, enjoy more, love more! While anyone with a smartphone can take advantage of the eezy platform, our primary user focus at the outset is young professionals and students living in metropolitan cities. Characteristics users in this segment generally include: aged 18-32, have limited time, routine-oriented, rely on tech and likely to share apps. Users make more out of their day and are no longer plagued by the fear of missing out. eezy maximizes everyone’s day by combining psychological methods and machine learning and proactively and individually planning the best matches for the day. We filter with sentient algorithms the whole web and customize recommendations to the single user or his/her social community. Results are based on user’s personality, mood, preferences and context but also leverage social networks and personal relationships. Profiles of users, dynamically enhanced by the use of the app, are matched with other people and with things to do: leisure time, travel, shopping, fitness and dating. The interaction with the users is structured as a chatbot with a significant part of visual communication: a mix of Whatsapp and Instagram.