Else Corp

Industry: Fashion Tech

Reference Market: IT

Inflow: MI2020 Shanghai2019

Total capital raised so far: €2.3M

Key person infos

Nome Cognome: ANDREY GOLUB

Ruolo: Founder & CEO


A Virtual Retail Company

Their services, named “Virtual Retail”, aims to accelerate the transformation of the industry towards a personalized, direct to consumer, customer-pull approach, enhancing the customer’s virtual shopping experience and optimizing the Virtual Retail value and service delivery chain.

ELSE CORP offers B2B2C solutions‎ for 3D based Mass Customization to fashion brands, retailers, manufacturers and designers; using E.L.S.E., a Cloud API Platform, powered with AI, machine learning and deep learning, puts together the front-end retail processes such as 3D product personalization and virtual commerce, with a cloud-based back-end processes like virtual fitting and order generation for smart hybrid manufacturing. The startup is committed to creating value not only for the market but also for society by redefining the Value Chain for the fashion industry through Applied Research. ELSE CORP relies on open innovation and collaboration with industry leaders to develop innovative sustainable, transparent and traceable business processes and Distribution Models through market trials.