Industry: Internet business, Software

Reference Market: IT, US

Inflow: MI2020 London2019, Alumni

Total capital raised so far: 4.6 M

Website: Entando

Key person infos

Nome Cognome: Walter Ambu

Ruolo: Italy Founder & CEO

Email: w.ambu@entando.com


The leading open source UX Innovation Platform for modern web applications.

Entando is the leading open source User Experience Innovation Platform for building modern web applications on Kubernetes.

Entando enables and accelerates digital transformation in organizations by providing a modern development stack for rapidly building and maintaining cloud-native applications that integrate with legacy systems and data analysis services while providing a consistent and innovative user experience.

With Entando, enterprises are able to continuously and efficiently adapt to market changes reduce the complexity and cost of development and accelerate software release cycles in order to decrease time to market.