Inflow: MI2020 Shanghai2019

Total capital raised so far: €1.5M

Key person infos

Nome Cognome: Francesco Magagnini

Ruolo: CEO


Find out the hidden liquidity of various passion assets and “illiquids”, from artworks and vintage cars to watches and properties, to shaking up lending, insurance and investing experiences.

Kellify is a fintech startup that is reshaping personal finance by adding value to passion assets through AI. Kellify transforms data into different products to give users AI-superpowers, enabling them to consciously invest in an easy way in passion assets or illiquid markets, care for their collection or ask for a loan by making liquid assets of all kinds, from a Michael Jordan’s jersey to an Audemars Piguet or a Contemporary Artwork. It is creating a simple and digital financial solution built by AI for the next-gen savers, thought to broaden the financial inclusion and to allow people reach their own fintech experiences. Kellify was launched in 2017, and is based in Genova (Italy), New York (US) and Malmö (Sweden).