Industry: HR Consulting, Digital Devices, Strategy Consulting

Reference Market: IT, EU

Inflow: MI2020 London2018

Total capital raised so far: Self founded


Key person infos

Nome Cognome: Riccarda Zezza

Ruolo: CEO



MAAM (by Life Based Value srl) is a B2B training platform which delivers a unique “life-based” learning method that transforms parenting skills into powerful capabilities for the business. Science shows that people gain new skills and energies when they become parents. These capabilities – including complex problem-solving, creativity, leadership and emotional intelligence – are more and more vital also to business success. Harnessing the skills of parent employees helps businesses to strengthen their workforce, retain talented people and enhance the company brand.

Since launching in 2015, MAAM has reached over 35 firms in Italy (80% of which are global brands) and is being piloted in 23 countries and 218 cities across the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. Over 4,000 people have participated, including 800 fathers, and the results indicate that the program can improve skills by up to 35%.