Industry: Technology, Media, Telecom

Reference Market: EU, US

Inflow: MI2020 NewYork2019

Total capital raised so far: $13M

Key person infos

Nome Cognome: Stefano Bargagni

Ruolo: Founder & CEO


According to recent studies, only 9% of Digital-Ads are viewed more than 1 second, 60% of clicks on mobile banners are accidental, 22% of desktop video is viewed by fraudulent traffic and fake impressions are a major problem.

My vision has been to research, develop and build a disruptive innovative new format of media called MorphCast, a patented technology that combines a neural network AI engine with a new HTML5 player capable of assembling content based on viewer’s parameters measured through the camera of the mobile phone or PC  i.e. age, gender, head position, emotions, 40+ features.

MorphCast discloses a whole new dimension in digital communication enabling to design media that adapts in real-time to the viewer, driving attention and engagement. A disruptive innovation in digital advertising, it allows creation of customized messages without the need of customer profiling (GDPR compliant) while certifying a real user view logged into a blockchain.