Industry: Energy and Environment, Health Tech

Reference Market: US, IT, EU

Inflow: MI2020 London2018

Total capital raised so far: Self founded

Website: www.u-earth.eu

Key person infos

Nome Cognome: Betta Maggio

Ruolo: CEO

Email: betta.maggio@U-earth.eu


U-earth is the first biotech company in the world to deal with air purification in a professional environment, market leader in biological air purification through patents and exclusive proprietary technologies, derived from 30 years of scientific research in the USA and in Europe.

Within AIRcel bio-reactors,  U-earth system has miniaturized and enhanced the process that the Earth puts in place to cleanse itself through the action of bacteria naturally present in the environment. U-Ox microorganisms used by U-earth are guaranteed harmless, non-toxic, non -pathogenic and non-genetically modified, extracted from clean sources of totally natural origin.

Spaces treated with U-earth air purification systems are marked with the “Pure Air Zone” brand name and adopted by the leaders of all sectors for their offices, factories, shops for the benefit of their employees and customers.