Andrea Rigoni

Andrea Rigoni

Managing Partner and Chairman - Intellium

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Andrea Rigoni has been working in the Internet and Information Security sector for more than 25 years. Andrea is Chairman and Managing Partner of Intellium ltd, a strategic consulting firm focused on Cyber Security. In 2013 Andrea served the Office of the Italian Prime Minister as Advisor on Digital Security, leading the Digital Identity Framework initiative. Andrea has an extensive experience in Cyber Security developed with Governments and Critical Infrastructures in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  From 2010 to March 2014 Andrea has also been Director General of the “Global Cyber Security Center” GCSEC, a no-profit Foundation based in Rome dedicated to Cyber Security (International Policy & Cooperation, Education and Research). In 2011 Andrea has been Director of eCommerce and eIdentity for Poste Italiane (21+ B€ company). Andrea served may international boards as ISACA and ICANN. Andrea is also working as an independent advisor to many International Organisations and Governments on Cyber Security, including NATO, European Commission and United Nations. In the past, Andrea worked at Booz & Company as a Senior Associate leading Cyber Security projects in Europe and Middle East and providing independent consultancy to National Governments, International Institutions and Critical Infrastructures. He also worked for Symantec in UK and Middle East and Getronics.

Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board

Intellium LTD

| marzo 2013 – presente (2 anni 2 mesi) Londra, Regno Unito

Andrea is Managing Partner of Intellium, a global management consulting firm focused on Cyber Security. As a Managing Partner, Andrea and his team help public and private sector organisations to improve security of their services and business reducing cyber related risks to acceptable level. develop and implement cyber security strategies in order to reduce cyber-related risks to acceptable level. In his role, Andrea works directly with Governments and large Critical Infrastructures in Italy, Middle East and Africa to develop new projects and help Intellium customers to reach their security targets. As Chairman, Andrea worked to build the management team with extensive international experience in cyber security across the public and private sectors, including national and multi-national government bodies in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as multiple Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Advisor on Digital Security - Digital Agenda Task Force

Palazzo Chigi - Prime Minister Office

| settembre 2013 – marzo 2014 (7 mesi) Roma, Italia

Member of the Digital Agenda Task Force at Palazzo Chigi (Italian Prime Minister Office), Andrea led the development of the Digital Security strategy, in particular Andrea worked on the Italian Digital Identity framework (SPID - Servizio Pubblico d'Identità Digitale).


GC-SEC Global Cyber Security Center

| maggio 2010 – marzo 2014 (3 anni 11 mesi) Rome Area, Italy

General Management of the Foundation. Andrea reported to the board and coordinated all GCSEC activities: fundraising, institutional affairs with national and international organizations and governments, definition and development of research and study projects. Andrea has been advisor to EU and to Italian and British Government on Cyber Security, as to international institutions as ISO (international standards organization) ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers). Most relevant achievements have been: 1) Launch of the Master in Cyber Security in partnership with Royal Holloway University of London 2) Contribution to the Italian Digital Agenda, where GCSEC supported the definition of the Security section 3) Security of the DNS project, with the involvement of ICANN and the top experts worldwide 4) OF2CEN Project with Ministry of Interior and Banking Association: creation of a pan-european Information Sharing framework to fight cyber crime in the Financial Sector. 5) Built the international advisory board with the involvement of top Cyber Security Experts and Influencers. 6) Speaker to many international events (RUSI, Italy-US Council, United Nations, George Town University, FIRST, Global Security Workshop).

Member of the Advisory Board


| febbraio 2013 – febbraio 2014 (1 anno 1 mese) Redwood City (CA)

As a member of the Advisory Board, Andrea provided guidance to the Board of Directors on the development of OneID solutions for the protection of Digital Identity.

Director of eCommerce

Poste Italiane

| gennaio 2011 – luglio 2012 (1 anno 7 mesi) Lazio, Italia

Reporting to the CEO of Poste Italiane, Andrea developed the eCommerce strategy of the company, launching "PosteCommerce" service for SMEs, integrating financial, logistic, parcel and mobile services of Poste Italiane. Andrea also managed the launch of the ".post" project, the Internet project of the Universal Postal Union for the Postal Sector.

Vice-Chairman of Security Stability and Resilience - Review Team (SSR-RT2)


| settembre 2010 – giugno 2012 (1 anno 10 mesi)

Member of the Security, Stability and Resilience Review Team (SSR-RT2). Andrea worked to assess the security, stability and resilience of the Global DNS Service, working with a team of international experts, including the developer of the DNS, Paul Mockapetris. The report has been presented to the Board of ICANN and to the International community, providing recommendations for the improvement of Security of the Global DNS Service.

Senior Associate - Risk, Resilience and Compliance

Booz & Company

| gennaio 2009 – dicembre 2010 (2 anni)

Andrea worked on the development the Cyber Security capability in Booz & Company, assembling a team of experts in UK, Germany, Middle East and Australia, serving customers in the Government and Private Sector. Andrea worked on projects in Italy, UK and Middle East. Major achievements: - Developed and led Consulting projects for more than 5 M€ from a new customer, making it the largest customer for the firm in Italy; - Developed the Centre of Excellence on Cyber Security for Poste Italiane and ENEL, with the support of US Government - Developed many EU funded projects on Cyber Security as NEISAS (Information Sharing), ECCRAMM (Security of Electric Power Grids), RACAM (Security of Transportation System), OF2CEN (Information Sharing between Financial Sector and Law Enforcement), valued more than 2.5 M€; - Developed and deployed new Information Security Governance in an Italian Large operator.

Director of European Critical Infrastructures protection

Symantec UK

| aprile 2006 – gennaio 2009 (2 anni 10 mesi) Brussels Area, Belgium

The consulting Business Unit in Symantec was created few months before Andrea’s entrance in the company. He worked as Business Development Manager for the EMEA southern region and he successfully developed the Italian Government sector as well as in Spain, Turkey, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Achievements: - Developed EU business from scratch, getting more than 4M$ in grants from European Commission under the CIPS, ISEC and FP7 programs, involving government and private partners from UK, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Estonia and US; - Developed a strategic relationship with European Commission DG JLS (now DG HOME) and DG INFSO (now DG CONNECT). Appointed Advisor to European Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection; - Supported many European Commission Working Groups and Expert Groups on Cyber Security and Internet; - Managed start-up of South EMEA consulting Business, developing and leading projects in Italy, Spain, Turkey, UAE and Saudi Arabia; - Developed Government Consulting Business in Italy, developing the largest Consulting opportunity in the region (3M$ from a single consulting project in the aerospace/defence sector); - Developed Middle East market (UAE and Saudi), developing project with Banks, Telecoms and the Local Government;

Business Development Manager - EMEA Southern Region


| ottobre 2003 – marzo 2006 (2 anni 6 mesi) Emirati Arabi Uniti

Managed start-up of South EMEA consulting Business, developing and leading projects in Italy, Spain, Turkey, UAE and Saudi Arabia; - Developed Government Consulting Business in Italy, developing the largest Consulting opportunity in the region (3M$ from a single consulting project in the aerospace/defence sector); - Developed Middle East market (UAE and Saudi), developing project with Banks, Telecoms and the Local Government

Business Continuity B.U. Manager


| 2000 – 2003 (3 anni) Milano, Italia

Head of “Mission Critical” Business Unit; Business Development Manager – Networking and Security (Milan). Developed an supported implementation of Information Security Governance for Large Automotive Group. Designed and developed the first Italian MPLS network for Italian top bank with major Telecom Provider.

Technical Director - North East

| settembre 1995 – settembre 2000 (5 anni 1 mese) Verona, Italia

Andrea worked on many innovative Internet projects, securing the first Internet connections for business use. Andrea worked in particular to promote and implement the first business internet implementations. Most relevant achievements have been: - Implement security system for two of the top 5 banks in Italy - Implemented an international secure VPN for a major Japanese industrial group (1998) - Implemented the network security of a major International Airport - Designed and developed POS system adopted by 3 of the top 5 Italian Banks.

VAX 11/780 System Administrator

OFM - Ordo Fratrum Minorum - Franciscan Friars HQ

| gennaio 1987 – gennaio 1994 (7 anni 1 mese) Rome, Italy

System Administrator of a Digital Equipment Corp. VAX 11-780 Support to end users with VAX and "corporate" productivity applications (accounting, world directory, personal productivity)

Visiting Assistant Professor

Antonianum - Pontificia Universitas Antonianum

| settembre 1991 – giugno 1992 (10 mesi)Roma, Italia

I was assistant to prof. Cristoforo Tomatis, who led the Computer Science 101 course. prof. Tomatis had health issues during the year and I delivered the course on his behalf.