Become an iStarter Equity Partner!


We are the modern bank for the fast-growing early-stage. We help the best Italian entrepreneurs grow around the world. Completely private, with a capital of about 2 million Euro, iStarter was founded by over 100+ Equity Partners, Italian managers who believe in the innovation and potential of our entrepreneurs and get involved by investing in them


We select the best scale-ups “made in Italy” and help their funding and business growth. On one hand, we pick the best italian dealflow and, on the other, we contact the best international investors to put together a unique and winning combination


A unique proposition based on the competences of 80+ active Equity Partners representing a unique combination of skills and industry knowledge/access unprecedented in the Italian market; a team of full-time dedicated professionals with 10+ years of experience; a dedicated digital platform for the inflow; best-in-class networking and funding events

The benefits of becoming an iStarter Equity Partner

1. A Proprietary Platform

  • It’s iStarter’s proprietary platform that works as a repository for all the information relevant to the Company
  • It’s been implemented in 2018 and it’s today articulated in 3 sections: Community, Forum and Scale-ups

2. A customized view on the best italian dealflow

  • Equity Partners can access over 1,000 projects reviewed per year by iStarter
  • In line with the interests and competences of each Equity Partner, the iStarter’s Team is able to highlight the more suitable projects for him/her

3. An expanded network and participation to prestigious international events

  • Made in Italy our flagship event, held every year in 3 global innovation hubs
  • Colazione iStarter: monthly events, with 3 scale-ups relevant to one topic, 20 seats in a closed-door round table in Mayfair, Milan or Zurich.

The rigid requirements to become an Equity Partner

5 qualities of the ideal Equity Partner


A positive attitude for how innovation can improve our life


Sharing the mission to give back to our country and community


It’s an energy that inspires others to become the best they can be.


Humble leaders are honest about both their strengths and limitations


Questioning why we keep doing things the same old way when maybe there is a better way

An hard selection process. Only 1 on 5 goes ahead!

A networking that becomes an Institution.

What our Equity Partners think

Francesco Pastore, Milano

"iStarter allows me to share my knowledge and experience with the younger ones, coupled with the opportunity to work in a fantastic team.”

Lorenzo Tencati, Johannesburg

“iStarter represents an amazing opportunity to give back to the vibrant Italian entrepreneurial community.”

Luca Sportelli, Londra

“iStarter gives me the incredible opportunity to watch the best start-ups closely and to contribute to their growth."

Pasquale De Lucia, Milano

"I am convinced that iStarter can make an important and original contribution to the internationalisation of our startups.”

Fabio Blandino, Milano

"iStarter fills a void in the” value chain” of the ecosystem startup Italia.”

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