Run your own business. Get the right people on the bus.

Jim Collins is the author of the best-selling business books addressing this simple but vexing question: Why do some companies become great while others flounder? On the book “Good to Great” I first read about the Bus Theory. If you run your own business this is an article you should definitely read.

In the metaphor, CEOs are bus drivers. The bus is the business and […]

Troy Carter: Building the Gaga Brand

One of our fears today is that they are found so quickly, they explode so fast, but then: do they disappear very quickly?

Talk about the longevity of an artist’s career. One of our fears today is that they are found so quickly, they explode so fast, but then: do they disappear very quickly?

Very good question, because there’s something very specific […]

iStarter-The Social Network: “he’s wired in.” HAPPY HOLIDAYS

 iStarter blog – The Social Network  

Sean) I’m Sean Parker.
Andrew) [he does not talk but nods “no” keeping the focus on coding] Mark) Oh, he’s wired in.
Sean) That’s what I’m talking about!

FB early employerA) That’s the doorbell.

Mark) I didn’t know we had a doorbell.

FB early employerA) Andrew, get the door!

Mark) No, he’ wired in!

FB early employerB) That’s gonna cut into your security deposit.

Mark) Andrew?!

Andrew) Not now.

Mark) Good boy!

[Sean […]

Work on change: the other Italy

Attending startup weekends is always stimulating, but the one iStarter organized in Turin a couple of weeks ago impressed me in a special way. On one hand because it was the first major milestone of our project, scheduled even before the official launch (planned for next Saturday), but mainly because it amplified some feelings I have gained about our country and (even […]

The new Tech-Biz: Designing Nanotechnology

The impact on any society of mindful discoveries has always created the basis for faster economic growth and higher competitiveness with long-term dramatic improvement in quality of life for most of common people. Taking advantage of technology and transforming challenges in successes have always been a priority for enlightened leaders, for instance: the benefits created by those technologies that arose […]

Corso per imprenditori – iStarter

Come i Trappeur sulle Montagne Rocciose, la vita della startup è un continua sfida di sopravvivenza!

iStarter organizza il primo corso dedicato a startup e aspiranti imprenditori per porre le basi del business e dell’organizzazione.

7 Guru per 7 lezioni del corso per imprenditori
Sette incontri da 2 ore ciascuno – Ogni mercoledì dalle 18:00 alle 20:00, segue rinfresco.

6/11 – Strategy: Catturare idee […]

Venture capital fund: a definition – iStarter

Venture capital fund are very important words for iStarter:

venture (verb) = to proceed despite the risk of danger

capital (noun) = wealth used to generate additional wealth

There is not much to say: Something Ventured, a great documentary.

Written by Marco Tantardini

if you don’t see the video here you are the link: […]

Se tu sei uno startupper io sono un tennista professionista

Chi mi conosce o ha avuto a che fare con me per motivi professionali, sa che raramente mi capita di alterarmi o di alzare i toni. Questa mattina però, leggendo un articolo a firma Augusto Coppola su Startupitalia mi è successo. Non me ne voglia il buon Augusto Coppola, che non ho il piacere di conoscere e, che sia chiaro, dell’articolo “gli […]

Richard Feynman: Take the world from another point of view

Take any crazy idea. You tell that people used to believe in witches, and of course nobody believes in witches now. And you say “how could they believe in witches?”. And you turn it around, and you say “Let’s see: what witches do we believe in now? what ceremonies do we do?”. Think from a new point of view!

In his […]

Entrepreneurial skills for Richard Branson

There’s two ways to develop entrepreneurial skills. One is get out into the jungle, and give it a go. And you make mistakes along the way, and sometimes you make good things, and you might fall fat in your face, and you pick yourself up again: and you try again until you succeed. And that’s a very good way of developing […]