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Celebrity Endorsement Equity

iStarter made a study about celebrity endorsement equity:
Celebrity endorsement equity is the new way for celebrities to advertise and support startups trough social medias. They will offer their visibility (e.g. their follower base) in exchange of equity: a smart way to invest with small risks and potential huge returns.

There are some example like 50cent who joined in Vitamine Water when it […]

Enterprise allowance made up by the uk government

A study made by iStarter about the new enterprise allowance:
The New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) is a campaign launched between April and August 2011 across Great Britain and organised by Jobcentre Plus. Its scope is to provide money, mentoring and support to help people start their own business if they get certain benefits and have a business idea that could work.
It […]

Startup Loans

A study made by iStarter about the startup loans:
British entrepreneurs are creating a record number of new businesses throughout Great Britain.
The Company House registered 526,446 businesses in 2013, beating the 484,224 businesses recorded in 2012, and 440,600 in 2011. 2014 is going to beat the 2013 record, with more than 450,000 companies recorded from January to September and almost 2,000 […]

Equity Crowdfunding

 Equity crowdfunding is growing rapidly worldwide, affecting mass production, commercial loans, the venture capital industry and even charities.
The UK is emerging as one of the world leader hubs for equity crowdfunding. Almost a billion dollars were collected in the UK in 2013 and UK growth rates are proving to be the highest worldwide.
In our research we have analyzed more than […]

British economy: 3 tools

 Investing in smaller businesses can often be viewed as risky. But there can
be significant tax incentives for investing in some companies, which help to
mitigate economic risk, the 3 tools of the british economy are:
Investors obtain a tax cut up to 30%, supporting small  and unquoted companies, through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).
Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) provides a rate of […]