Colazione iStarter. Let’s grab a coffee!

Martina Di Paola / 17 Jan 2019

“Shall we have a coffee?” (Ci prendiamo un caffè?) in Italy can have some interesting shades of meaning.

One of them is “I am happy I met you and would love to chat a bit more with you”!  This is reason why we launched our new short format event called Colazioni (Breakfast) aimed at bringing together the best italian ventures with the most interesting London based Venture Capital and Business Angel.

Colazione iStarter are monthly closed-doors thematic breakfast: 60 minutes at 8.30am, 3/4 scale-ups round table in a Myfair boardroom, 10 institutional investors.

What we expect from these meetings is:

  • Highlight Italian digital projects with continuity
  • Create small and unique networking moments between italian CEOs and international  investors

In short, a really interesting business breakfast before entering the office.

If you want to know more about the #1 Colazione and participate click here!

Upcoming COLAZIONE iStarter dates

  • #2 Colazione iStarter – 20th February 2019
  • #3 Colazione iStarter – 20th March 2019


Correlated events

Colazione iStarter is a smaller edition of our Made in Italy

Made in Italy is a format event designed to connect the digital excellence of our country with international investors. Born as a single event today is a world tour in its second edition.

Next date to save? Made in Italy NYC II Edition on the 4th April 2019.