Edoardo Calia

Edoardo Calia

Deputy Managing Director for Strategic Programs at ISMB - Istituto Superiore Mario Boella

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A professional life spent in the ICT sector, from research to technical management (Politecnico di Torino) up to my current position of R&D management with ISMB.
Throughout all my career I kept the same (large) amount of curiosity for new technologies and innovation in ICT, and the effects they have on efficiency of products and processes.
Even if I formally always worked in the academic/research context (public and private), I am more thrilled by the impact of innovation on real life and business than by technology itself.
My background is in distributed systems and internetworking. I was lucky enough to be present at the beginning and the evolution of Internet technologies, having an active role - as a young engineer - in the design and development of the first Italian academic network (http://www.garr.it/b/comunicazione/press-kit/doc_view/699-ventanni-della-rete-garr).
Since 2001 I have been with ISMB (Istituto Superiore Mario Boella), where today I am deputy director in charge of the development of the Strategic Programs (ICT application domains). We started in 2011 focusing on Energy, Health and Smart City, and we are now planning to widen the range including other sectors such as the Agri-Food chain and Industry 4.0, or the Factory of the Future (in line with the guidelines and evolutions of the European Commission).
The latter field also crosses my personal interest for digital fabrication and the makers movement, that I started observing back in 2013 joining our local FabLab (one of the first in Italy, co-located with Officine Arduino and the ToolBox Coworking space).
In all these years I developed my firm belief about the importance of granting free access for young generations to practical experiences as well as places where they can fully express (and share) their creativity: it is one of the reasons why back in 2012 I accepted to join a group of 40 professionals to start a private incubator of startups with international ambition (www.istarter.it).



| luglio 2012 – presente (2 anni 10 mesi) Torino, Italia

iStarter is a business incubator-accelerator that provides initial capital and extensive coaching to inventors and startuppers through a highly diversified network of young professionals and senior advisors

Deputy Director for Strategic Programs


| maggio 2011 – presente (4 anni) ISMB

As Deputy Director for Strategic Programs I am in charge of organizing activities related to three major application domains for ICT: Smart Cities, Smart Energy and e-Health. Common issues for all of them include solutions for the involvement of communities using mobile devices and social networks, the collection and processing of large amount of (open/linked) data, real time monitoring, data visualization, efficiency improvement (i.e. energy, processes, services). I am building a wide network of professionals also outside of the ICT community: Policy/decision makers, PA, industry managers (energy, transportation, health care etc), new media. In a word, just getting ready to ride the smart wave!

Deputy Managing Director


| settembre 2001 – presente (13 anni 8 mesi)

Member of the Steering Committee, Cross Cutting Technology Panel

Renewable Heating and Cooling Platform

| agosto 2011 – dicembre 2014 (3 anni 5 mesi) Brussels Area, Belgio

Member of the WG Energy Supply & Networks

Smart Cities and Communities Platform

| giugno 2012 – luglio 2013 (1 anno 2 mesi)

Research Director


| settembre 2001 – maggio 2011 (9 anni 9 mesi)

Director of Research Laboratories (Wireless Technologies and ICT)

IT manager

Politecnico di Torino

| gennaio 1995 – luglio 2001 (6 anni 7 mesi)

Telecommunication and Computing services manager