Enterprise Innovation is fundamental for change the world

redazione / 15 May 2015

Enterprise innovation: the first things that come to mind when people in the streets think about it are the services and products targeting the “consumer“. Being at the end of the supply chain, people (and very often startuppers) tend to focus on this part of the economic environment.

Without enterprise innovation there won’t be any changes in the world:

Don’t take me wrong, companies delivering a consumer product or service have, and are, changing the world, but many of these successes would not have been possible without enterprise innovations (i.e. data management systems, delivery routing software, etc…).


Maybe perceived as less glamorous or “sexy” than their consumer counterpart, maybe seen as less lucrative from a mediatic point of view, enterprise innovations hide tremendous opportunities to be reaped from an entrepreneurial perspective (Jim Goetz of Sequoia Capital estimates approx $500bn a year).

Written by Simone Bocchi