Equity Crowdfunding

redazione / 12 Mar 2015

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 Equity crowdfunding is growing rapidly worldwide, affecting mass production, commercial loans, the venture capital industry and even charities.

The UK is emerging as one of the world leader hubs for equity crowdfunding. Almost a billion dollars were collected in the UK in 2013 and UK growth rates are proving to be the highest worldwide.
In our research we have analyzed more than 75 platforms active in the UK and selected the most relevant in the four major crowdfunding models:
•    Reward
•    Equity
•    Lending
•    Donation

For each analysed platform, the reader will learn key information, requirements, costs and success stories. The data will be particularly relevant for readers willing to select the crowd platform that best fits with their projects.
We conclude our study with a framework to better execute a successful campaign, drawn from our expertise.