Francesco Rubinacci

Francesco Rubinacci

Procurement Director at Indesit

Francesco's has many years of experience in business consulting and as a corporate manager for multinational companies both in Italy and abroad. One of his main focus has been indirect procurement organization and program transformation. He has also been dealing with buying process and corporate management.

Harvard Business School Alumni, Francesco's career has span across Accenture and Indesit.

Francesco ha una pluriennale esperienza in consulenza aziendale e come manager di aziende multinazionali sia in Italia che all'estero. Si e' inoltre occupato di  operations e acquisti ma anche di controllo di gestione e programmi di trasformazione.

Tra il 2011 e il 2012 si specializza con un MBA ad Harvard mentre la sua carriera professionale si divide tra 7 anni in Accenture e 7 anni in Indesit.

Group Sourcing Director, Logistics and Services


| July 2013 - present

Poland Controller


| July 2008 - Feb. 2011



| 2001 - 2008