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Due Diligence

We understand the business potential of the project. We get to know the management team. We learn about your industry.

Deal Structuring

We combine capital providers to get the best financing option for your startup.


Our 60+ Investors are more than happy to evaluate the possibility to invest in your startup.

The first 3 things we want to know

Tell us about the KPI your team have achieved so far
Share the next goal you want to achieve.
Give us data. Set clear, measurable goals.

Send us your application.

We receive almost an application every day. We go through every single application and we provide structured feedback to every team. We would be honoured to receive yours.


Deal structuring

As iStarter, we see our value added in our ability to align interests.

We have developed our expertise in structuring deals aggregating:

– Angels investors: either iStarter partners, either external angels

– Public institutions: matching the commitments raised through the angels pool

– Institutional investors: VCs and Seed Funds in Europe

– Debt: working closing with some of the most important credit providers in Europe.

Read more about the DrexCode’ deal. We got at the same table Innogest, LVenture Group, Ligur Capital  and Italian Angels for Growth (IAG).

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