iStarter – Listen to the call

redazione / 15 May 2015

We just opened applications for our Call for ideas.

It’s a huge step for us, the most significant one since we started to build iStarter.


We hope we’ll be able to communicate the massive value iStarter, our team and program can transfer to your startups, how much our shareholders (they’re terrific, if I can say) are committed to the project and able to provide support.

Even the industry specifics support you don’t expect from a startup incubator / acceleration program.

Especially this young.

And yet, thanks to the diverse group of young, smart professionals and entrepreneurs that created iStarter, we can say we’re “into it”. Whatever you’re planning to build or sell. Well, almost. I’ll post more about the members later, so you can have a sense of what we can do.

We’re starting our marketing effort, there has been a Facebook pagefor a while now and I suggest you go and “like” it.

This weekend we went to the Reset Festival, in Torino, with a small stand to start to get the word out, and I have to thank everyone that came by: it’s been a terrific experience and we’re excited about the interest lots of people showed in the initiative.

We are hosting a Digital Design Contest this Thursday,  September, 12 at Bunker, a nice post-industrial location in Torino. It would be nice to get in touch with young designers, see their portfolios and chat a bit.

Thursday’s plan is pretty straightforward: come with something you have in your portfolio ( or a link to it) and wait for people to vote. First beer is on us, so you don’t get bored. We’ll let everybody vote once, and the designer with most votes wins. We’ll work with him on the next step of our marketing campaign.


Written by  Mattia Pontacolone