Luca Venturelli, Director of Market Strategy at Interxion, is our new Equity Partner!

Valeria Tarallo / 23 Oct 2019

A few words abut Luca…

Luca graduated in Computer Science in Milan and held the Executive MBA from SDA Bocconi.
With over twenty-five years of experience in the technology industry, Luca is a passionate and enthusiastic business strategist and innovator. Professionally grown at Hewlett-Packard, Luca developed his career at Fujitsu and Microsoft.
Since 2015, Luca is responsible for the development and the execution of Interxion’s Market Strategy in the HQ based in London. Luca joined iStarter in October 2019 as Equity Partner.

What motivated you to join iStarter?

The key reason behind joining iStarter is sharing the same passion for business innovation and technology. We never stop learning: I see in iStarter a fantastic opportunity to share my experience with young entrepreneurs and enjoy the opportunity to learn about new business ventures.

What contribution can your profile bring to the iStarter partnership?

The two main areas I can bring value are sizing the market opportunity and business execution.

Which business initiatives are you most interested in, or which ones have struck you lately?

Anything technology related that simplifies or solves a business challenge raises my curiosity. I would say that Autonomous Things is an area of great interest to me.