Enrico Deluchi

Business angel and advisor - Atandia

With his company Atandia he today operates as both angel investor / mentor to start-ups and strategic advisor to existing businesses to help them in their digital evolution journey.
He  reached this stage of his professional journey after having started as a young engineer in late 80’s designing and building data networks and then having continued working and surfing for more than 25 years all the waves of the Internet industry. He has built a rich set of experiences while serving in large multinationals covering international roles in sales, marketing and general management, but also rolling up his sleeves as entrepreneur in much smaller and leaner organisations.

An insatiable appetite for innovation, a genuine passion for business execution, and a natural inclination for leadership are the assets that supported him over the years to the most important insight of his life: he realised that he can be completely lively and fulfilled when he can help others in fully exploiting their potential and, together, make wonderful things happen.

Work Experience

Founder, Atandia

Investor and Board Member, Wetipp

Investor and Board Member, Yoagents

Board Member, Clubdealonline.com

President & Managing Director, Canon Italia S.p.A.


Politecnico di Milano