Mirco Coccoli

CEO - MPD Partners

Mirco took a degree in Physics at the University of Milan. Subsequently he obtained a Masters in Sciences, Applied Physics at the University of Berkeley, in California. He discussed his thesis in front of the US Government’s Department of Energy (DOE), obtaining an unexpected standing ovation. In 2005, he graduated from the University of Geneva in Quantitative Portfolio Management. In 2013 he obtained a Diploma in Financial Science in Oxford.

Among his first works, eager to know the management of a client facing business, he purchased a Piaggio Ape. He worked as an ice-cream maker and ran evening festivals in Switzerland. While he was there, he managed about ten investment funds for around half a billion euros during the day.

In 2003 he became a coordinator of the Hardware Commissioning of the LHC Accelerator at CERN in Geneva. In 2007 he became a Hedge Fund Manager administrating 200 million Swiss francs for the Reyl & Cie Bank.

In 2015 he founded MPD Partners, a management company in Private Equity for European SMEs. Since 2016 he has been iStarter’s Equity Partner where he provides his scientific and financial skills.

Work Experience

CEO, MPD Partners

CEO, Digital Mill

MBA Professor, IFM University


Diploma in Financial Strategy, Strategy and Valuations, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Certificate of Advanced Studies, Quantitative Portfolio Management, University of Geneva

MSc, University of California, Berkeley