Niccolò Caderni

Chairman & Board Member - ETT Solution

The recipient of the 1978 Annual Award of the Italian Physical Society for his research on General Relativity, Niccolò graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florence, his native city. He has covered a number of research and academic positions, notably European Space Agency Senior Fellow at the University of Cambridge, a National Science Foundation Senior Fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of California and at the University of Chicago, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Pavia, Italy. In the mid-1980’s, Dr Caderni developed an interest in the then nascent field of technology transfer, and thus heeded to a new calling as a technology strategist. In 1986 he was appointed Vice – President, Mergers and Acquisitions at Bankers Trust International in London with special responsibilities for emerging technologies, and in 1990, following a lifelong interest in fine art, took the post of Managing Director at Phillips Son & Neale, then the third largest auction house in the world. From 1993 to 1998 he was Senior Advisor to the Bentinck Thyssen family, which, in addition to the renowned art collection, had extensive industrial and financial holdings. He also served on the Board of the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels. In 1998 he co-founded and chaired Internet Partnership Group AG, a technology incubator with a portfolio of new media companies focusing on the delivery of digital content. In 2000, Dr Caderni was elected Chairman of the Board of Webiz Holding BV, the private equity fund of the Italian utility giant ENEL, Europe’s second largest energy provider. From 2004 onwards, Dr Caderni has enjoyed a portfolio of activities leveraging on his interest and experience in education, technology, art collecting, and the fostering of innovation. Dr Caderni is Chairman of ETT Solutions Ltd, a company offering multimedia interpretations to museums and cultural venues, operating internationally, but with a market leading position in Italy. He is also a Director of Unit9, a multi award-winning digital marketing agency in London and Los Angeles. Dr Caderni is a Senior Advisor to 24 Ore Business School in Milan, as well as a Partner at the UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. Dr Caderni is Chairman of RAFT (Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust), a leading UK medical research charity, and a Trustee of the Chelsea Academy Foundation.

Work Experience

Chairman of ETT Solution Ltd - Board Member of ETT SpA


Non Executive Director

Aldine Technologies Inc., Chairman

INternet Partnership Group AG, Chairman

Chairman of the Board


Laurea in Fisica

Summa cum laude, Theretical Physic