Personal experiences and goals

redazione / 15 May 2015

I just found a piece of paper I wrote a bit more than one year ago for my personal use. I wanted to fix some thoughts and re-think about it through my personal experiences. As you’re probably doing some similar experiences to mine ones it could maybe be interesting for you as well and I like to share it.

“When you start a business with ambitious target and great expectations you need to check how clear is your goal, how strong is your will and how resilient is your mood to adverse external factors.

Therefore I consider fundamental to me not only to have a good idea, a good plan and to implement good tactics (for this things you can now visit iStarter!) but you must have a given natural curiosity for any new thing and enjoy the changement. On this first layer you should build your own awareness. Awareness is YOU. After this Personal goal you can Start and  with a good plan and good team your chances will be maximized!

Great people who did great things are there with their history and attitude to lighten the way. Not only the way  of doing things but, most important, the way of being.

For example I am impressed each time I meet Bruno Murari the father of the accelerometer and the MEMS sensors, basically  the man who allowed electronics to be spread everywhere as it is doing nowadays. An exceptional mind that is to me one  of the most important living Italians because of the relevance of its inventions in the economy. If you speak to him you can understand, whatever he says, how strong is its intellectual curiosity, how deep is its Awareness. The method is included in its invention indeed!

It is a huge motivating push to challenge yourself the incredible example of this people whatever you aim to do; this extraordinary persons should be publicized and posed as models to the public much more than it is.

You can read Biographies  or magazines, speak with Professors, parents or look for them in TV or Youtube but try to look if any person you consider great does express high levels of this characteristics: Curiosity and Awareness on top of the other things.

P.S. Curiosity and awareness doesn’t cope really well with Arrogance. Therefore arrogant powerful people are they really great?”