Startuppers: failure is an acceptable outcome

redazione / 15 May 2015

Davide Canavesio published Monday an interesting article on Linkiesta about the culture of Failure and Silicon Valley.

The main point of the article, in italian at the link, is in this short quote: 

E se fallisci nell’iniziativa? «We call failure experience»: se non hai fatto l’esperienza di fallire un’iniziativa non avrai mai la determinazione e la convinzione nel rendere un successo la prossima.

And if you fail? We call Failure Experience: if you’ve never experienced the failure of an initiative, you will never have the determination and strength needed to succeed in another one. 


The problem is, in Italy we’re afraid of failure. So afraid, in fact, that we hold back. We look for proof, for certainties. We prefer to go for a lower, guaranteed outcome. And this is bad, because it means that we settle, and don’t even try to exploit our full potential. We don’t try because we’re too afraid to loose what we have.

Underachievers by choice

That’s not good, that’s not sustainable. In fact we, as a country, are starting to face the consequences.

Davide tells the tale of a different attitude, an attitude towards future, risks and rewards that is driving the incredible growth of the Startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley.

There are many reasons why Italy is not Silicon Valley, it might very well never be. But we can do better than this, much better, and the first step is to remove the fear of failure.

Failure is an acceptable outcome of any enterprise that is innovative enough. if you’re not risking failure, you’re beeing too conservative.


If you want to try, I suggest you Apply to be part of the startuppers ‘world 🙂

Written by  Mattia Pontacolone