Vincenzo Iozzo

Vincenzo Iozzo

Entrepreneur in Residence at Rakoku Holdings


Vincenzo Iozzo is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Rakoku Holdings where he focuses on Information Security. In addition to his work at Rakoku Holdings, Vincenzo is a Partner at the Italian business incubator iStarter SpA. Prior to that, Vincenzo was the Chief of Staff and Principal Security Engineer at Trail of Bits. Prior to Trail of Bits, Vincenzo founded Tiqad, an information security consulting firm, worked as a penetration tester for Secure Network srl and was a reverse engineer for Zynamics GmbH. His specialized research in Mac OS X security, smartphone exploitation, and exploit payloads has been presented at information security conferences around the world including Black Hat, CanSecWest and Microsoft BlueHat. In 2008, he was selected to participate in the Google Summer of Code and developed a testing infrastructure for TrustedBSD, the Mandatory Access Control system that became the foundation for sandboxing technologies included in Mac OS X. Vincenzo serves as a committee member on the Black Hat Review Board and is a co-author of the "iOS Hacker's Handbook" (Wiley, 2012). He is perhaps best known for his participation in Pwn2Own, where he co-wrote the exploits for BlackBerryOS and iOS that won the contest in 2010 and 2011 and where he co-wrote exploits for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari that placed second in 2012.

Entrepreneur in Residence

Rakoku Holdings

| giugno 2014 – presente (11 mesi)

Review board member

Black Hat

| gennaio 2011 – presente (4 anni 4 mesi)



| aprile 2013 – presente (2 anni 1 mese)

iStarter is a business incubator-accelerator that provides initial capital and extensive coaching to inventors and startuppers through a highly diversified network of young professionals and senior advisors.


Tech and Law Center

| marzo 2011 – presente (4 anni 2 mesi)

Chief of Staff & Principal Security Engineer

Trail of Bits

| aprile 2012 – maggio 2014 (2 anni 2 mesi)


Tiqad srl

| febbraio 2011 – marzo 2012 (1 anno 2 mesi)

Tiqad srl was acquired by Trail Of Bits Inc in April 2012

Reverse Engineer

Zynamics GmbH

| ottobre 2008 – aprile 2011 (2 anni 7 mesi)

Zynamics GmbH was acquired by Google Inc

Junior IT security consultant

Secure Network S.r.l.

| marzo 2007 – agosto 2009 (2 anni 6 mesi)

Summer of code: FreeBSD auditing system testing


| aprile 2008 – agosto 2008 (5 mesi)

I worked for FreeBSD during the Google Summer of Code. I had to add some features to the Audit system employed in FreeBSD