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Valeria Tarallo / 15 Oct 2019

A few words about Fabio…

Fabio earned a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Pisa (Italy), completing his post-graduate specialisation in International Business Management at Brighton University (UK). He started his professional career at a major professional-service firm, where he became a strategic and management advisor, serving mainly mid-sized industrial and consumer companies. He moved to the UK as leader of the International Business Development Team of Corporate Finance and then as Investment Banking Director in Italy, with a specific focus on seeking and pursuing cross-border business integrations in Europe, the US and South America. In 2009 he moved from Milan to the Tuscan coast, together with his family, to embrace the will of Mr. Fabio Perini to redesign, craft and manage the group’s long-term corporate strategy: exploring new endeavours and enhancing the existing businesses. Today he steers a group which is active in leadership roles in engineering solutions for tissue, sterilisation equipment, tech-industrial real estate property management, yachting and start-ups. He serves as a member of the advisory board of real estate funds and property management companies in Europe and South America.

What motivated you to join iStarter?

I like the goal of supporting the ideas and the start-up projects of my Country and coaching them for an International financial platform of visibility. There is a gap that needs to be bridged between what new Italian entrepreneurs can offer and the availability of seed money, venture capital, etc.
iStarter provides a solution to take on this daunting task and offers a fantastic opportunity to generate, from abroad, more value for inland initiatives.

What contribution can a profile like yours bring to the iStarter partnership?

The multi-functional and multi-sectoral team within iStarter is another peculiarity of this initiative. I have dedicated my professional career to launching initiatives and redesigning businesses in few manufacturing industries mainly in Europe and Latin America. My experience can be put at the service of the high profile peers that I have found within the equity partners at iStarter.

Which business initiatives are you most interested in, or which ones have struck you lately?

Based on my experience, I am keen on supporting initiatives linked to manufacturing and artificial intelligence applied to tissue/paper production and converting, packaging and medical devices. More specifically, those that help technicians to simplify their day-to-day use of equipment while increasing operator safety and machinery performance.