Welcome to Francesco Pastore, Global Chief Commercial Officer at Sofidel S.p.A. and our new Equity Partner

Valeria Tarallo / 05 Sep 2019

Welcome to Our New Equity Partner

Francesco Pastore


A few words about Francesco.

After graduating in Economics from the University of Pisa, Francesco has acquired 23 years of experience working for international consumer goods companies. He began his career at Procter & Gamble in marketing and sales in Europe; after a key experience in the consulting firm Bain & Company, he worked at Coca-Cola HBC Italia, first as a Marketing Director and then as a Sales Director. In the last 7 years, Francesco has been the Managing Director of Sanofi Consumer, Caffarel and Coty. He has recently become the Global Chief Commercial Officer of Sofidel and an EP of iStarter in March 2019.


What motivated you to join iStarter?

I see three passions I have had throughout my life coming together in Istarter: Italy, Digital, Entrepreneurship. Istarter allows me to share my knowledge and experience with the younger ones, coupled with the opportunity to work in a fantastic team.

What contribution can your profile bring to iStarter?

We are a diverse team which is made cohesive by the passions that we share. I have always been involved in growing brands and people and  I will continue to focus on these two pillars.


Which business initiatives are you most interested in or which have struck you lately?

I follow the start-ups space closely with the hope to see some successful Italian start-ups soon.

I’m fond of Food, Travel & Luxury. The start-ups that have most recently impressed me are Shopify & Farfetch. However, the environmental sustainability (see for example the United Nations’ agenda with its 17 pillars) is what motivates me the most and where I hope to see a greater concentration of capital.